Many hands and one heart to fight.

Dignidad Migrante is a non-profit organization of Temporary Foreign Workers (TFWs), who year after year come to work legally in Canada from Mexico, Guatemala, the Philippines, and numerous other countries in Europe, Central and South America, and the Caribbean.


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It started in the Okanagan orchards in 2006.

Our mandate

To promote the self-organization of temporary foreign workers in general and of agricultural workers in particular; to ensure access to our rights, and to solve our daily problems during our stay in Canada.

Our vision

We strive to be a place where the voice of each worker counts, and where workers from many communities can coexist. We hope to build an organization where we walk together with affection, respect, joy, humour, and self-criticism.


At the Dignidad Migrante Society we educate temporary foreign workers and we provide services that promote workers’ autonomy and self-organization.

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Our collective efforts help to resolve everyday challenges and ensure that our rights and dignity are respected. Our main focus is on Temporary Foreign Farm Workers (TFFW), who represent one of the most vulnerable sectors of labour in Canada and who face significant discrimination and exploitation in their daily lives. Our efforts each year reach at least 2,000 workers and provide a minimum of 5,000 free services, including workshops, translation, and assistance accessing benefits such as Employment Insurance and pensions to which these workers are legally entitled.r pulvinar nisi, amet consequat fringilla sit facilisi imperdiet.


All support counts and is welcome. Our Work Committees always welcome technical assistance. The following are some of the other invaluable ways in which you can get involved:

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1) Obtain and establish a network of donors. We strive to have a diversified donor base in order to avoid dependency on particular donors or types of financial support.


2) Organize events. These include Father’s Day, International Migrants day, and soccer matches and tournaments.


3) Grants. Research and request grants for various projects.


4) Printing materials. Printing costs can be expensive. Please get in touch if you or your organization can support us by printing flyers, brochures and forms.