All support counts and is welcome. Our Work Committees always welcome technical assistance. The following are some of the other invaluable ways in which you can get involved:

1) Obtain and establish a network of donors. We strive to have a diversified donor base in order to avoid dependency on particular donors or types of financial support.

2) Organize events. These include Father’s Day, International Migrants day, and soccer matches and tournaments.

3) Grants. Research and request grants for various projects.

4) Printing materials. Printing costs can be expensive. Please get in touch if you or your organization can support us by printing flyers, brochures and forms.

5) Transportation. Drivers help us visit workers at their houses and farms and help workers attend workshops and events.

6) Presentations: Organize and occasionally develop presentations on the lives of agricultural workers.

7) Promotion. Promote and share our campaigns on social networks and in the media.

8) Research and documentation: Create print and audiovisual materials.

9) Design, review and translation. Help with the monthly newsletter, semi-annual reports, postcards, and other documents. We require assistance from people with experience in design and development of educational materials, as well as those who speak English, Spanish and Tagalog.

10) Technical support. We welcome training on various technologies and assistance making and editing short videos.